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home building amateur radio equipment - young hams to build something has almost vanished also if you do build your own even the most skilled homebuilder will not have enough years to build a truly equivalent modern amateur radio station the commercial units contain custom integrated circuits custom cabinets and are the end result of multiple prototypes and exhaustive testing, beginner s guide to ham radio guides to amateur radio - resources listed under beginner s guide to ham radio category belongs to operating aids main collection and get reviewed and rated by amateur radio operators guides to amateur radio for beginners is a curation of 99 resources about why a beam antenna introduction to packet radio getting started with the fm satellites a beginner s guide to rtty contests the hf bands for hf newcomers, brevard business notes amateur radio visitors guide obesity - amateur radio field day members of the platinum coast amateur radio society will participate in the nationwide amateur radio field day emergency exercise honing their skills communicating in challenging conditions from 2 p m saturday to 2 p m sunday at the melbourne fire department training center 1980 hughes rd melbourne, ham radio kits an introduction with list of manufacturers - then i graduated to building the heathkit hw 101 transceiver in 1974 just in time to go on the air with my newly obtained ham radio license i was hooked on kits by then and i still am top ham radio kits come with a bonus there is an added bonus to the advantages already mentioned in the introduction above, ham radio for preppers beginner s guide the prepared - amateur radio also known as ham radio is the best overall way for preppers to keep in contact during an emergency common sense prepping straight to your inbox get our free newsletter for great new articles and giveaways 1 2 emails a month 0 spam, a maker s introduction to ham radio make - ham radio license manual is the most comprehensive study guide for your first ham radio license the technician class and is full of references you can use after you get a license and start making contacts, beginners guide to ham radio make your own eagle blog - learn about the basics of ham radio and how to get started with this fun electronics design project by building a radio circuit in autodesk eagle learn about the basics of ham radio and how to get started with this fun electronics design project by building a radio circuit in autodesk eagle, a guide to audio amps for radio builders hackaday - for hams who build their own radios mastering the black art of radio frequency electronics is a necessary first step to getting on the air but if voice transmissions are a goal some level of mastery of the audio frequency side of the equation is needed as well